Wednesday 26 January 2011

David Collier covers The New Yorker

Never let anyone say David Collier isn't up for a challenge.

Apparently cheesed-off at criticism that his cover design for his just-released graphic novel Chimo was lacking, the great Hamilton cartoonist worked up his own cover design for The New Yorker and submitted it to the magazine's 2011 Eustace Tilley contest. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed:

The design is great, the art is controlled and precise, and the details (like the puck replacing the butterfly) really make it sing. The whole thing seems fitting for the subject matter; the Rangers (who have a reputation for being an over-priced, under-performing team) would naturally have a fop like Tilley on their team, plus it allows Collier to draw something that manages to have one foot in  Canada and the U.S. The only thing I can't figure out is who the coach in the background is supposed to be:

Dave provides a bit of commentary about his unique take on the iconic Rea Irvin character on The New Yorker website.


bryan said...

is it Andy Warhol?

Brad Mackay said...

Maybe. But his hair is pretty tame for Warhol. I thought it might be Graydon Carter (Canadian, natch) but that's the wrong magazine.

Falstaff said...

John Brophy!

Brad Mackay said...

John Brophy coached the Rangers???