Thursday 20 January 2011

Art Spiegelman rewind

This is a pretty great find. Recently Montreal cartoonist Rick Trembles was combing through a stack of old CARtoons magazines he nabbed from a flea market and spotted a winning submission to an art contest from an "Art Spiegelman" from "Rego Park, New York."

For the uninitiated, CARtoons was (is?) an "automotive humour" magazine dedicated to car culture and goofy cartoons about said car culture. Like many kids, I read it compulsively from age 13 to 16.  

According to Trembles, the issue in question is from November 1963, which, if this is the same Spiegelman (Maus, Raw), would have placed him at 15-years-old --- the perfect target market for CARtoons. I'm not in a position to confirm or deny this, but if it's true this is a great curiousity from the early career of a master cartoonist -- and a stellar score by Trembles. That's a detail from the image below; click here for a full view. 



art said...

Nice to see this again… I was obsessed with Mad and its imitators even tho I couldnt care less about cars. My contest prize was an 8″ tall black and white Ratfink window decal by Big Daddy Roth that blocked my light for years!
art spiegelman

Brad Mackay said...

Sounds like a true score! Thanks for confirming the provenance of this artifact Art.