Thursday 10 January 2013

Nipper 1967 - 1968

After a bit of a delay I'm happy to report that Drawn and Quarterly has just released Nipper 1967-1968, the third in their series of reprints of classic Doug Wright comics. If D&Q's head honcho Chris Oliveros is to be believed, this latest volume of "Canada's Peanuts" is sure to fly off the shelf in Tokyo where they recently sold out of their Nipper stock at a comics convention in a couple of hours.

But the real reason I mention it here is because I contributed an introduction to the new book which offers up some historical perspective and perhaps insight into Wright's creative process at the time.   

As well, D&Q fills us in on news from the recent grand opening of Doug Wright Park in Burlington, Ontario. Phyllis Wright and her three boys were on hand, as was Seth. Photos over on the company blog.


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