Friday 7 August 2009

Best Thank You note, evah!!!

One of the best things about being the director of The Doug Wright Awards is discovering new comics and new cartoonists. One of my favourite discoveries from this past year's awards was Maids of the Mist by the talented Toronto cartoonist/tattoo artist/puppeteer Caitlin Black. I was literally handed this self-published comic the day of our nomination meeting, and it blew me away so much that I instantly added it to my short list.

The story follows two wayward teenagers (Misty and Leppard) as they endure another tourist-plagued summer in their hometwon of Niagara ("Nigraw") Falls. Anyways, the book made the Best Emerging Talent list at this May's DWAs, and Caitlin was so genuinely appreciative it made my heart melt. She was so appreciative, she sent this awesome hand-customized postcard as thanks:

(That's Leppard and Misty, as drawn by Caitlin, affixed to the front.)
The kicker? The backside has a hand-written thank you note from Misty and Leppard themselves. So kewl!
Plus, she included a Niagara Fall souvenir pen! Caitlin rawks!!!

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