Monday 29 December 2008

Pre-order, like, now

Order now,order often. The Collected Doug Wright: Volume One: Canada's Master Cartoonist. Or not. I'm just saying - it'll be out soon.
- B.


Anonymous said...

holy smokes! congrats!


Brad Mackay said...

thks, tk!

warren said...

I was just looking around for this book! Thanks for the heads up, like....months ago...but anyways, pre-ordered! Coming soon...

Hey I just found a couple of books I'll be scanning for posterity when I get to it:

'Canada Cancelled Because of Lack of Interest' - Peter Whalley & Eric Nicol

'It Happened in Canada' (adapted from It Happened in Canada Vol.2) by Gordon Johnston.

Should I let you know when I get them done? It'll be a bit - kind of short on spare time. I was just asking because I could scan 'em using whatever specs that you might use for one of your research projects.

Brad Mackay said...

Hey warren. Thanks for the support. I just got a copy of this, and it's magnificent. Seth really hit for the fences in terms of overall design.

As for the other books, I have the Whalley already (love that guy) and I think I have the IHIC one. What's the cover look like? One book to keep your eyes for is George Feyer's Stamp Book. I just nabbed a copy on eBay; it's his last book and very clever. I'll post about it soon.

Cheers B.