Sunday 2 December 2007

Delusional movie review

I caught the Coen brothers new movie, No Country For Old Men, on the weekend and rather enjoyed it. You - yeah you - should go see it. (But be prepared for a little head scratching at the end though.)

As engaging as the film was I kept making connections to the comic books in my head. I'm probably just delusional, but the main character, a contract killer called Anton Chigurh (played icily by Javier Bardem) looked as if he had stepped out of a comic by Gilbert Hernandez. Not the earlier Love and Rockets stuff, but the more recent works. I mean, you be the judge:

The other thing that hit me was Chigurh's habit of flipping a coin and asking his victims to choose a side in exchange for their lives. Again, sound familiar?:

Just saying is all.

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