Sunday 26 August 2007

Personal confession time

A colleague recently told me that a sure fire way to attract attention to a blog is to write confessional posts. Well, my time has come.

One of my longstanding passions in life is reserved for chip trucks ... not the food itself, which I can take or leave (mostly leave) but the art painted on their sides. I recently returned to live in Ottawa, Ontario and was reminded of the itinerant, rolling beauty of this unique form of street art.

The picture below is just one of the dozens of chip trucks throughout my fair city. Luckily I had my camera with me. Why "TnT" fries anyway? Who chose the name? And why would you transpose those next to Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street? After you see enough of these, you stop asking questions and just revel in the absurdity.

Am i the only one who shares this obsession?

- B.


This is... said...

My dearest Brad,

I too share your penchant for Chip Trucks, the unsung heroes of every small Ontarian town.

The ring of the bell would send kids running to the nearest adult to fetch the $1.25 for thick, juicy fries served in a brown paper bag and topped with white vinegar and salt.

Seguin Patate, now permanently fixed on Marlborough Street in Cornwall, remains The World's Best Chip Truck Ever.

Thanks for the memories...

Brad Mackay said...

Hey Chantal. When you put it that way,they almost sound like a public service, non?
And to think that they're being "phased" out in Ottawa for being a blight on our streets....i sense a rant coming on.
- B.